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This richly illustrated how-to book is a comprehensive reference for various felting techniques, including needle felting, wet felting and nuno felting. With these easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and hundreds of full-colour photos, you'll be able to explore these easy projects that provide fun opportunities for you to try the techniques. Galleries of unique felted designs and creations by renowned fabric artists act as beautiful examples and inspiration to pursue the hobby yourself.

Leading felt artist Andrea Hunter demonstrates the exciting scope of pictorial felt making and explains how to create felt pictures with the depth and atmosphere usually associated with a graphite drawing or a watercolour painting. Features include: Essential felt making skills for the beginner, as well as techniques and inspiration for the more experienced felter How to work freely with the wool as if it were paint or a piece of charcoal Stunning pictures of finished work as well as practical demonstrations Advice on the presentation and framing of finished work.

Here are 30 easy-to-make, stylish decorations all made from felt. The book includes templates, a comprehensive techniques section, guide to embroidery stitches and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to accompany every project. Felt Supplies Check out our range of pure wool felt available in a range of lovely colours.

Picking a Project

This book shows you how to make 12 super-cute little dogs, including pugs, poodles, terriers and miniature dachshunds, using needle felting techniques. Suited to both experienced felters and beginners, step-by-step photos guide you through every stage of the process, and tools and techniques are clearly explained. Each breed of dog has its own dedicated assembly instructions with measurements and actual size photographs. Felt magazine aims to inspire a new generation of fibre enthusiasts with comprehensive projects, articles and an inspirational gallery.

It includes a mix of easy, intermediate and technical projects to suit a wide range of skill levels. Versatile and easy to make, felt provides an ideal base for surface embellishment.

Felting - definition of felting by The Free Dictionary

This inspirational guide, now in paperback, explores the possibilities, from creating felt from scratch to selecting unusual dye combinations and producing three-dimensional pieces. Using the sample projects that illustrate the main techniques, both beginning and advanced fibre artists will soon be experimenting with colour, line, shape, pattern and texture. Special sections on Japanese Shibori knotting and dyeing the surface and Nuno combining felt with other materials to create rich and interesting fabric surfaces make this a must-have for all fibre artists.

Make bendable dolls that resemble you, your family or your favourite fairy-tale characters including outfits, hairstyles, and accessories with wool felt, chenille stems and decorative stitching. Display the figures in a dollhouse, atop a wedding cake or in a holiday scene to be cherished year after year. Step into wonderland with Lisa Marie Olson and learn how to transform sumptuous wool fibres into beautiful felt items.

Handmade felt is irresistibly soft and lovely to work with, and before you know it youll be caught up in the magic of this gorgeous material and making beautiful, tactile gifts for you and your loved ones. The clear, step-by-step photographs and instructions will teach you the art of wet felting, from basic flat-felting techniques through to using a resist and working around a 3D mould.

Choosing Your Materials

There are 12 gorgeous projects, ranging from decorative teacups, a teapot and a tea light holder to more practical pieces such as a pretty handbag, a lampshade and cosy slippers all inspired by Lisa's love of fairy tales and fantasy stories, including Alice in Wonderland. You can embellish these lovely felted items in many different ways and create your own fabulous works of art.

The projects can be followed exactly, but also provide you with the inspiration to let your creativity loose and customize them to your own style. Felt starts with a detailed introduction on how to felt including a list of all the equipment and materials needed. From there each section builds on each technique to teach such techniques as flat felt making flat felt is the first step in this craft , pre-felts combining pre-felted pieces with flat felt , Nuno felt a new type of felt made using a base of fine open-weave fabric to create a very lightweight felt and new techniques non-traditional methods of making felt.

Each section has three to five different projects with step-by-step photos and complete instructions for each project. Now in stock! Featured Products. Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends. More Info. Buy Now. Painting with Wool. Folk Embroidered Felt Birds. Felted Fiber Menagerie. Felting Fashion. Sweet and Simple Needle Felted Animals. Adorable Felted Animals. Just made a pair of these for my mom for her birthday. I know summer is coming but her feet are always cold! These knit like a dream!

I was really surprised because the fanciest thing I have ever knit was a scarf in a lace pattern. I thought these would be harder but they weren't! Thanks for the excellent instructions and for posting! I am in the process of making these slippers right now am very confused about transitioning from the turn of the heel to the gusset.

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Was i supposed to knit all the the 45 stitches that i casted on when I knitted the "turn of the heel"? Yes, approximately size 8, but larger sizes can be achieved by felting less. For woman's medium, knit 9". Remember this 9" measurement is from the gusset, so your slipper is much longer than that. I completed them! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I'm sure I'm make them again. I used lion brand fisherman's wool. I haven't checked this out yet, but one knitter says: There is a typo in the gusset.

When you are finished with the knitting 16 rows and go around to knit 7 st then pick up 11 along the side of the heel, you actually knit 8 stitches. Thank you for the pattern. I live in Canberra in Australia and we have very frosty winter mornings here, these will be perfect toe warmers!

When knitting the turn of the heel I am stuck as to what instructions mean by "continue knitting in this manner". I understand I want to decrease till I have 14 stitches left total. Can you clarify the other rows for me. It's my first time trying this. How many stitches per inch for the woman's. I want to use my handspun so have the circumference would help. I assume it's US size needles. Exactly what Michelle said on the 16th October. I can't see how to 'continue in this manner'. Any chance you could tell me what other rows I'd need to do - I am using the standard number of stitches.

How to Felt Wool (with or without a washing machine)

If you are making the regular size, you started with 24 stitches on your needle. You are decreasing one stitch in each row when you either K2tog or P2tog, and you will end with 14 stitches. If you have completed the 4 rows described above, you should now have 20 stitches on your needle. Feel free to ask if you need more help. You can also boil them in a pot. I have never done this, so I can't tell you how, but I am quite sure it will work. I was able to see that an answer to this problem had not been offered. So as I was able to enjoy a day being taught to felt without a washing machine at my millinery course this is the process without a washing machine.

Supplies required are plastic or similar gloves for insulation from hot or near-boiling water very bubbley soap, dish detergent for example, and shade cloth to separate layers such as the inside of the slipper here surfaces may felt together, and bubble wrap for agitating material to be felted. A paper pattern for your required size for the felt process.

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On a flat surface lay down a material for waterproofing your table. Secure to surface of table Next lay down one half of your bubblewrap with the bubbles on top and larger than your item to be felted. Place shade cloth in between items two folded surfaces. Place item on this bubble wrap layer. Put on your gloves now. Apply hot water to item to just wet it.

Then gently squeeze some soap fairly evenly onto the top of the item. Put your hand into this very hot water to turn over your item. Add more detergent on this side. Place other half of wrap on top.

MiataDrivers - Picture Yourself Felting Your Knitting

Rub wrap and item hard and vigorously, if water cools add more hot water. A paper pattern for your required size can be used to indicate when you have felted to size.

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Now take out the item and throw or bash it onto the table, this stabilizes the felting. Place item into a cool water bath, if a hat or slipper place onto a form, hat block or foot and leave to dry. If the felting process stops and hot water and friction will not create further shrinkage when compare to your starting size and your required size shock the partly felted item with a very cold bath and start the felting from the beginning and more shrinkage shout occur.

This process must be used with unprocessed wool or natural fibres, on much larger needles to allow for the felt felting process to be successful.