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Dunno why, though. Also, I'm curious how they want to implement the matrix. Color me interested. So much potential. A new Super Tuesday, return to Renraku Archology for the first time , and so many more events. I wonder if they'll support the game more if it ends up with its own alternate future history. The biggest potential of the game isn't really the single-player game itself but the mission editor. Harebrained Schemes' plan is to release a tool flexible enough that players can make just about any adventure they want with it.

Then they want to support the editor with official art assets, tilesets, models and other extensions, as addons. As you say, there is just so much incredible, published cannon material. It's impossible to imagine that the best of those adventure modules won't be re-created in-game.

Basically, if someone doesn't do a Renraku Arcology Shutdown campaign, my faith in humanity will be forever destroyed. Then they can support the editor with official art assets, tilesets, models and other extensions, as dlc addons over a long period. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Not a member? Shadowrun: Rigger 3. Shadowrun 05 2Xs. Shadowrun Ghost Cartels. Shadowrun: Sprawl Survival Guide. Renraku Arcology Shadowrun S. Shadowrun - Corporate Download. London Sourcebook Shadowrun, Shadowrun Burning Bright. Shadowrun 3.

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Year of the Comet Shadowrun. Wolf und Rabe Shadowrun Das Terminus-Experiment Shadowrun It's not a particularly difficult adventure, just one that will take some time. Similar Products: none Survey Rating: 6. In the first, the PCs are hired to abduct simsense star Euphoria and keep her hostage for a few days so that she'll miss some important promotional dates.

Nothing much happens here, and the main action is in the actual kidnapping itself, and in one rescue attempt the PCs hopefully fend off.

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  • After some fairly simple investigating the PCs discover where he's hiding out, and it all ends in one big firefight where the hive is reduced to rubble or the PCs are : but in which, unfortunately, Euphoria can't be saved. Queen Euphoria is the first appearance of insect shamans in Shadowrun as far as I know. Thoughts: A pretty good adventure, especially for players or characters who haven't encuontered insect spirits before. The first part is pretty simple, and the second part is also straightforward, but still it's good fun and if played up sufficiently by the gamemaster, the ant spirits can make players want to avoid them at all cost in the future.

    Survey Rating: 7. However, a third copy has the revised stock number printed on the front cover, but says "" on the spine. It's been put into the series here because it's clearly an adventure. From the start, the meeting goes wrong when the person they meet there, a mercenary called Blackwing, who has been hired to retrieve the item for some Tir Tairngire nobles, is not the one the talismonger expected.

    Lone Star moves in to arrest Blackwing, and a firefight follows, leaving the PCs in possession of the item. The PCs then meet a great feathered serpent who tells them to get the item back and give it to her instead. They now have to join up with Blackwing to defeat Geyswain while Lone Star again moves in to arrest everyone.

    7302: Mercurial

    Thoughts: I'm not thrilled with this adventure, but I can't really put my finger on the reason. It's not a bad adventure as such, but it's not brilliant either.

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    • Also note that there is a way to destroy the bottle in a way the author didn't think of: shoot it into space. Last time our group played this adventure, somebody had the brilliant idea to simply put it on a semi-ballistic and be done with it.

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      We cut the adventure's length by at least half that way and annoyed the gamemaster, who hadn't expected this move either. Released: Authors: Ken St. Andre, John Faughnan, W. Armintrout, Jerry Epperson, Paul R. Hume, Lester W. Smith, James D. Each of them is described separately below. The main storyline is the resolution of a feud between two immortal elves, Harlequin and Ehran the Scribe, which has lasted for over 5, years; the whole Harlequin campaign is actually a ritualized form of revenge on Harlequin's part. Physical: The PCs are hired to steal the paper manuscript to a new novel by Ehran the Scribe from the publisher.

      They are also to leave an envelope with the first page of the manuscript from Physical on the leader's body. Again, a simple adventure that will most likely be not much more than a big firefight. The PCs are also to leave a little valise containing the ear tips from Hates in the castle. The PCs are to break into the YET's building so they can access their computer system, and from there deck into another company so the YET will be implicated.

      Counterstroke: Here, Ehran tries to stop Harlequin by having the runners kidnapped for interrogation. They're taken to a house overlooking the sea. A chance to escape presents itself, and there's also the chance of striking a deal with Ehran's ally spirit, Ariel, to help her go against her master. Spiritual: Another run to a foreign country, this time Amazonia. The runners get to travel through the jungle for several days before they reach one of Ehran's houses; once there they are to cut a flower from the greenhouse and leave a datachip in its place.

      Another a simple adventure, but because it places the runners in an area totally out of their normal field of operations, it can be quite challenging. She doesn't know who her father is, but the runners are hired to bring her to Harlequin, and leave the flower from Spiritual in her apartment.

      There are some complications, such as Jane's friends and a shadowrun team hired by Ehran, though. Present: The runners bring Jane Foster to Harlequin himself.

      Super Tuesday!, softback adventure compilation for Shadowrun 2nd edition

      He uses her to locate Ehran, then sends the runners to Ehran's "vacation resort" where they find a dead Ehran lookalike, meet an envoy from Tir Tairngire, and finally the whole campaign comes to an end with a big sword duel between Harlequin and Ehran Thoughts: The individual adventures are not all that complicated or difficult to complete, nor do they take very that long to play two game sessions seems to be about average.

      The thread running through all of them makes them enjoyable, though, especially once the players start seeing it too. Based on the clues and an earring he gives the PCs, their investigation leads them to a jeweler's store, where they find records pointing to company called Emerging Futures Unlimited or "EF" for short.

      Further clues point to a nightclub where the PCs are met by representatives from Ares who assume the PCs work for EF, and warn them to quit. From there, leads point to an ork working for the dragon, and depending on the PCs' actions earlier he might have to be rescued from Knight Errant. Finally, Ares moves in to secure the dragon in the hospital, and the ork persuades the PCs to stage a rescue. Blackwing's team also makes an attempt on the dragon's life at this point, leading to a grand, three-way firefight to wrap up the adventure. Thoughts: This adventure I like, it starts out straightforward and then turns back on itself to become quite complex, but still survivable for the runners.

      In the end, though, it's essentially a no-win situation for the PCs yes, they get paid, but that's about it for them , so players wanting to change the world for the better may not like its ending. Once everyone has been kidnapped, the PCs are offered a second job to act as guards for the group when they go into the forests of the Salish-Shidhe Council to perform the song. Should they turn this job down, the shaman sends an assassin after them, while if they agree they get to fight it out with some wildlife.

      Either way, the intention is that the PCs end up at the scene where the song is played and have to choose whether to stop the song, or let the band play and conjure a rather powerful spirit, which the PCs then get to deal with. Thoughts: This is not a terrific adventure, relying too much on forcing the players into a course of action, which means they don't get much of a say in what's going on.

      Shadowrun Sixth Edition Announced!

      In the first part of the adventure this happens by the PCs having to abduct the band members right away, in the second part they either follow the shaman voluntarily, or they will be attacked until they go after him in order to put an end to the attacks. On top of that, it can be a very deadly adventure, especially for groups that do not consist of physically tough characters.

      Similar Products: none Survey Rating: 5. Unknown to everyone including his bosses, he had encoded himself into a number of chips that, if assembled into his cyberdeck, will more or less allow him to live on.

      Super Tuesday (Shadowrun) - Library

      The runners do not know this, and upon investigating the disappearance they will discover a Matrix entity that starts them off on a search through the wilds of Scotland for four chips that together will make the entity whole again. When that has been accomplished, it wants to "die" in such a way that it can join the decker's dead girlfriend in the afterlife. This requires the help of a player character decker, but the competitor attacks before the ritual is complete, leaving the runners to try and hold them off long enough to finish it.

      Thoughts: This adventure is definitely "out there. The book does warn that the adventure deals with concepts that are not normally possible in Shadowrun , though. Additional Thoughts by Mark Steedman : Imago is very definitely way out of the ordinary and I would say it requires characters who are interested in investigating strange things for themselves.

      Both Virtual Realities 2. London Sourcebook is a good idea.